Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

Well after a weekend of good times and splendor it finally has come down to Sunday and the last day to squeeze in the weeks' long run.  Surprisingly after all the beers and poor night's sleep I surprising felt very strong today.  Imagine what I could have done had I participated a little less in the weekend shenanigans with BAndy. I guess this was the weekend I would try to live like the Tarahumara and sustain myself on beer and coffee and still kick ass on endurance tests.  Set out with Tully for a mile warm-up and then returned him back home, paused the watch, got him inside and set out again.  Once again freeing myself of his leash lets me get back to true form.  I did intentionally run at the high point of the heat this afternoon as I continue to try and successfully climatize myself to the summer weather.  With no shirt on the natural air condition could run at peak efficiency.  The sun, sweat, and lack of recent proper hydration had limited to no effect on me.  And as usual around mile 4 I really got myself dialed in and in a sort of hypnotic state where I wander out of my brain and out of the task at hand, get into the perfect pace, and seemly lose myself.  I some how click myself out of that place when I ask myself what just happened? What mile is it?  What's my pace? When I look down and see mile 4 and pace at 9:00 I know immediately what just happened.  It's my sweet spot!  I need to think of  a better name than that.  Miles 4-7 where generally event free except for the fact that I really cranked it up and had awesome kick and stride for the last mile finishing at a 7:51P.  Ultimately, it was a good week and very consistent with what I am trying to accomplish.  Total week mileage came in at 17.7 good stuff.  A new week is upon us...

8:53 ave P
Fila shorts, New Balance M1010, UA Visor, Oakley shades
71 degrees sunny
Wire Rd, Meeting House Rd. N., Rt. 9A, Clark Rd., Chicks Crossing Rd.
Wells, ME 04090

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