Friday, June 20, 2014

"My feet are my only carriage!"

Fri 6-20-2014

After my first night at work I woke up eager to pound the pavement.  I was able to sleep until around 9:00ish and soon after some coffee and a snack I headed out.  Although my schedule called for just 3mi I was feeling for more.  After doing 1 quick warm-up mile with Tully and returning him back at #698 I was off for my true run.  Once free from T-Man I felt much more in sync with my run. My strides felt strong, cadence was ideal and breathing seemed right in my sweet spot.  Legs felt pretty peppy and I wondered and flip flopped back and forth in my mind about what distance I should do today.  I settled on just 4mi and convinced myself that patience is integral to keeping on the right track for training.  My body, legs, and brain seem to want more but I will be able to satisfy that this weekend on my long run.  This weekends long run will be a 7miler around here in Wells but not sure if it will fall on Saturday or Sunday.  The program calls for Saturday while Sunday is a strength day.  I think I will stick with that plan. Back to todays' 4miler, like I said the strength and desire was there and I was happy to see my pace each time I looked at watch.  The oddity for today was the two young kids roughly 13 or 14 years old who were stuck in quite the predicament.  It seems they got a little too bold with their four wheeler and were stuck deep in the mud down a small embankment.  My teachers' revenge had me ignoring their problem and slightly chuckling as I ran past.  Summah in Maine!

Fila shorts, New Balance M1010, Puma socks, UA Visor, Oakley shades
65 degrees, Sunny
Wire Rd., Meetinghouse Rd. N.,  Chicks Crossing Rd.
Wells, ME 04090

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