Thursday, June 12, 2014

4 mile Walk with 2 short jogs


As I transition over to the zero drop Merrell Trail Gloves so goes an increase in pain in my calves.  This new shoe causes a new gate which in turn causes me to run using new muscle groups.  Thus a massive increase in lactic acid build up in my calves.  I am scheduled to do an uneventful 3 mi today but after consideration and consultation I will just do a 4 mi walk with Tully to loosen aforementioned calves and hopefully flush some of that lactic acid.  But once I started the walk I wanted to jog a bit.  Both to get Tully some more exercise as well as test the calves.  All in all it went well and the short sections of jogging helped loosen up those calves.  I will have a full 3 miler tomorrow at school.

4mi walk w/ 1 mile jog split into two halves
Shorts, dry fit t-shirt, Merrell Trail Glove 2, UA Visor, Oakley Shades
73 degrees Sunny and humid
Wire Rd., Chicks Crossing Rd.
Wells, ME 04090

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