Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Fast & Furious...BONK!"


A new week of training has come upon me and I think if I were following the Hal Higdon Marathon Training program this would be week three, but as you will see I seem to be wandering off the reservation a bit.  According to the program this week is supposed to be a "scale back week" to prepare for "ramping" again.  But, I don't like to scale back and if you are any of my friends reading this and know my personality.  Then you understand that "scaling back" isn't quite my strong suit.  Anywho, today was your very typical beginning of a week 4miler / recovery run from Sat.  Per usual I set out on a warm up mile with T-Man in tow and was able to return him home before I could really hit my stride.  For the second or third day in row now I felt extremely strong and felt like pushing myself to run faster and longer than originally scheduled.  These feelings of strength continued into and through mile 2 and into most of 3.  Somewhere in that stretch I was kicking like a bastard.  I was feeling strong and running fast and furious.  But, soon this came to an end when I started to BONK right around 3.2 distance.  When I look back at my Nike+ data I see this trend clearly reflecting the fatigue, heat, and a change in road grade.   During the stretch that I felt strong I was running between 7:40 & 8:10 pacing but when the bonk occurred I slipped into a 10:00 pace for maybe 200 yards. I quickly was able to crank it back up once I got over the hill and finished the 4th mile at a 7:10pace.

8:37 Ave Pace
Fila shorts, Red tech dry t-shirt, UA visor, New Balance M1010
75 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, humid
Wire Rd., Meeting House N., Beth's Lane
Wells, ME

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