Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Oh That Big Hot Sun


Since school has let out I have found myself proficient at sleeping in.  Lately I have been able to make all the way to 10ish, Tully not the happiest about this new initiative.  Thus, my morning run today tended to occur during the golden hours of sun and heat.  I welcomed this because I know that I cannot build a strong tolerance to heat and depletion by avoiding aforementioned mid-day heat.  It wasn't the worst experience but it did take it's toll.  My legs felt fairly strong and I had a small goal to get some hill work in today.  Therefore, I guess my overall theme for today's run was heat and hills.  Not sure why I do this to myself but I enjoyed the suffering on both accounts.  All in all, it felt fairly slow but I think in the end it was right were I usually am.  I do look forward to dropping the pace a few ticks and becoming faster but that would take dedication to speed work (i.e. intervals and or tempo runs) both of which I loath.  For the rest of the day I see the beach, reading and maybe a good beer at Feile.  Slainte!

Shorts, New Balance m1010, UA visor, Oakley shades
83 degrees, sunny, hot
Wire Rd., Meeting House Rd.
Wells, ME 04090

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