Monday, June 30, 2014

The 8 Mile


After the joy of the trail run it was time to get in this weeks' long run and I chose an 8mi loop run around my neighborhood.  I also wasn't too concerned with my time or pace but that I really wanted to try and dial in 100% negative splits.  This can be a difficult task especially for a new runner because you are attempting to find that perfect balance between effort, pace, and time management. I was really hoping to mimic my half marathon splits or improve on them.  Either way all negative splits was my goal.  I started as usual with Tully for the first mile and returned him home before setting off on the remaining 7mi.  There isn't a whole lot to report on this run expect that I felt extremely strong.  Probably the strongest I had felt since the Rangar closing 9mi to finish in PTown.  But realizing I was feeling super strong I once again had to remind myself to stay in check and stay balanced so that I can run the perfect negative split run.  The "spirit breaker" farm land and hills didn't seem to be so bad expect for the pounding sun, at which point I shed the t-shirt and let mother nature do her best natural A/C on me.  I must say that running w/o a t-shirt is super comfortable and I usually feel instantly cooler.  Miles 4-6 continued to feel very strong and balanced but the need for increased effort from miles 6-8 were noticeable.  Although I was kicking very strong and had, what felt like good strides, I was laboring a bit and mentally pushing myself on.  Finally, the 8mi mark had come and it was time to see the results.  In the end I "almost" had all negative splits but technically I didn't because both miles 3 and 4 held the same at 9:09.  But, not once did I lose a second in the wrong direction it's only that duplicate pace that kept me from 100% negative splits. 10:17, 9:17, 9:09, 9:09, 8:39, 8:29, 8:11, 7:55....In the end I know I did something right here and learned a lot about managing my run.  Also, it was a productive week tallying up 22.5mi total.  Tuesday starts a new week, see then.  Slainte!

8:53 Ave P
Fila Shorts, Visor, New Balance M1010
75 degrees, sunny, hot & humid
Wire Rd., Meeting House Rd N., Rt 9A, Chick Crossing Rd.
Wells, ME

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