Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back Cove 7 miler

Strong run today around the Back Cove of Portland this morning.  I was lucky to be able to meet up with BT and enjoy his conversation as we put back the miles.  He hadn't been out running in a while but put out a very strong and impressive performance.  The Back Cove is a great place to get the miles in during the weekends.  It is perfectly populated with the amount of driven and passionate runners that helps push and motivate my own performance.  We were able to meet up for 8:30am and got at it pretty quickly.  We discussed everything from women to future adventures.  This conversation makes the miles go by much faster and fairly unnoticeable. Since this running adventure has begun for me I have generally been doing solo missions and now I am enjoying running with company.  Therefore, I think I will continue to try to seek out more social running moments as training continues.  As for my performance, I have no complaints.  The weather was perfect and the legs felt peppy.  All in all a perfect Saturday morning long run.  On tap I have the midnight run with the 2014/15 SHS Cross Country team this Monday night / Tuesday morning starting at 12:01 am.  Marathon training continues as summer 2014 kicks off.

8:46 P
Fila shorts, Ragnar WALSTIB t-shirt, UA visor, Oakley shades, Nike Dual Fusions
63 degrees, mostly cloudy
Back Cove, Portland ME,  04103

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