Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Five For Fun"


I woke up this morning supposed to have a rest day but felt the body yearning for some mileage.  So, I decided to head out on a "Fun Run."  A "fun run" according to my own, personal definition, is a run with no goals, no distance, and at times no watch.  Of course I couldn't go without my watch but I did plan to set out for "whatever."  Tully did join me for the first mile and a half but returned his tired body back to the house, grabbed a sip of water and set out for the unknown.  Ok, that was a little more dramatic than necessary.  One of the interesting components of a "fun run" is the thinking, processing, and considerations you go through to try and determine what you can do today for "fun." Early in the run I was met very close by a deer as it headed on it's way down a trail.  This is the benefit to heading out in the mornings.  Set out up Meeting House Rd N., and as usual there is a section of road that makes you feel like Superman.  Which then allows for silly thoughts of great distances and PR paces.  This stretch is thickly covered in shade and has a slight and very perfect gentle down hill grade.  The decline is so subtle you really have to consider if it is really there or are just kicking like a BOSS!!! But, trust me that decline is there, I'm not that fast or strong.  Reality soon hit as I came out upon the farm land, the big hot sun and some spirit killing hills.  Finished up Meeting House Rd., and banged a left onto 9A where the sun and hills continued.  At this moment I determine, this isn't as fun as I hoped.  But, changing that mind set I continue on to discover that the road back that I need is closed due to construction.  I asked the flagger how I could pass and he told me the back route through the church parking lot and off I go on a small trail detour.  Soon popping me back to where I need to be and met nicely by a steep down hill while some blisters and hot spots start to form on my feetsies.  I come to determine that 5 miles is all the fun I will have today and again that pace isn't a big deal to me today since it was supposed to be a rest day.  All and all I'm glad I set out on this one today.  Changing the mindset to just head out and run without concern for mileage, pace, or other goals allows you to quiet your mind and focus on other thoughts.  Rest tomorrow? We shall see...

9:30 ave pace
Fila shorts, New Balance M1010, UA Visor
Sunny, Hot, 70 degrees, humid
9:20 am
Wire Rd., Meeting House N., Rt 9A, Clark Rd.
Wells, ME

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