Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Attempt to PR 5K Came Up Short

A little undecided on how I would like to approach this Maine Marathon Training Cycle.  After watching a video from coach Pat McCrann I was initially sold on the idea of 12 week cycle and agreed with his ideas on focus within this ideal timeframe.  It seemed I may have experienced this focus and lack there off after the 12 weeks prior to the Williwhammer Half Marathon.  Then, after exploring Hal Higdons Marathon Novice 1 training program I began to appreciate the longer cycle which we would have me starting this week.  In the end I decided to air on the side of more time and choose the Higdon 18 week cycle.  Therefore, I started today with a short blast fast pace 5K trying to PR and come under 23 mins.  Due to the effort and massive amount of barking I heard from Tully as I ran past the apartment I decided to cut it short at 2.8mi.  Overall, I was happy to hit it hard and fast with the Merrell Trail Gloves as this supports my attempted transition to the minimalist shoe without having to spend more money on road pair.  Earned myself a solid blister with the effort.  Hoping to be able to ignore that blister and get in another 3miles today.

2.8mi out and back Wire Rd. to Deer Ridge Rd.
Fila shorts, cotton 5K t-shirt, Merrell Trail Glove 2, no socks
70 degrees and cloudy
Wells, ME 04090

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