Thursday, May 8, 2014

Return to Training

With the Williwhammer Half Marathon behind me and a short rest of 6 days also behind me I was itching to explore my new area.  A recent move to Wells has provided me the opportunity to discover and run some new trails and forest.  I set out to put back around 3 to 4 miles but due to my other goal of exploring some new territory and terrain I ended up lost on the trails / woods between Wire Rd., and rt. 109.  Therefore, this jaunt brought me to 5.5miles and a few ticks to be yanked off.  It was great being out in the heat with just the shorts and Merrell Trail Gloves, along with being out in the woods. But the ticks are extremely discouraging.  I felt pretty good, fairly stale legs but the energy of trail running provided me an ample supply of energy and excitement to run hard.  Felt kinda beat afterward which kept me from doing the grad school assignments I had slated for the day.  What do I do about this tick issue?

May 3, 2014
10:26 P
831 Cal
Shorts, Merrell Trail Glove 2, socks
Loc: Wire Rd., Rt 109 Woods / Trails, Wells ME

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