Thursday, July 10, 2014

This Is The End, my only friend The End...


Well I think I am closing out this blog for good.  I just don't feel like doing it any longer.  I keep track of all my runs (hahaha "runs") on a spread sheet and I'm just not seeing the value in this narrative.  I have done roughly 3 runs since I've last updated.  I just didn't feel like logging the narrative. So, today was a kick ass 5 miler that I am very happy with.  So, with that peace out those who aren't reading it anyhow.....who know's I may be back...I am the most fickle person I know.

8:02 P

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

End of Watch


Well, the Nike + GPS watch has shit the bed.  Initially I viewed this as an enormous setback but like all things loss can provide you with a newly found perspective.  After wrestling with this thing for roughly 2 to 3 hours and contacting the Nike help line I decided to head out for a 3.2mi head clearer. I had to and will continue to have to resort back to my iPhone and the Map My Run app until this watch issue gets resolved.  It took some time to get used to the shaking weight (haha shake weight) of the phone in my pocket before I was able to accept that this was my new set of circumstances.  I do understand that this all sounds entirely too dramatic but for some reason I'm very accustomed to my routine and habits when I run and any change to this seems tragic, at first.  As my run progressed I realized that  I was being excessively silly and worried about this phone issue and as I continued through the run I realized that I need to just run and enjoy that in it's simplest form and worry not about times and distances etc.  I ended up having a very good run once I realized all I need are my legs and a pair of shorts, ok and my sneakers.  This is the spirit I am seeking anyway right?   Just the joy of the run and not the numbers, correct?  As for the run itself not much to report except that it was definitely the hottest and most humid run I have ever had.  Especially down Beth Lane, this area is like running in an oven.  You can literally feel the air change once you turn left down this road.  In the end the phone in the pocket was good and even maybe a bit beneficial because I cannot stare at the pace and distance as I run.  I think I will take a rest day on Wed to allow some blisters and hot spots on my feet to heal.  Gross!

shorts, New Balance M1010, UA Visor
88 degrees hot and humid 2:45pm
Wire Rd, Meeting House N. Rd,  Beth Lance, Emerald St